We’re the World’s 1st Choice for Premium Green Asparagus Hybrids
  • Guelph Eclipse

    An established, top-quality asparagus variety for commercial production

    Guelph Eclipse is an established, all-male asparagus hybrid best suited for green asparagus production. It is winter hardy in temperate and continental climates and produces consistently high yields throughout its production life.

  • Guelph Millennium

    A long lived, commercially proven asparagus variety

    This is the most widely planted all-male green asparagus variety throughout the largest asparagus producing regions in North America. Proven to show high yields and high-quality spears even after 20+ years in production.

  • Guelph Equinox

    A NEW superior asparagus variety for commercial production

    This is our highest yielding all-male green asparagus cultivar. It shows consistently high marketable yields thanks to its outstanding uniformity during spear harvest.