Cindy Rouet

Fox Seeds Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Cindy Rouet to our team as our new Asparagus Breeder. Cindy will work closely with Dr. Dave Wolyn at the University of Guelph to transition the university’s asparagus breeding program to Fox Seeds over the next 2 years. She will then oversee and expand future private breeding of new asparagus varieties for both Ontario growers and international markets.

Cindy previously worked as the rose breeder research assistant for the Vineland Research & Innovation Centre (VRIC) while concurrently completing her Ph.D., which she completed in April 2021.  Fox Seeds President, Ken Wall, states that “Cindy’s experience in design and conducting trials and in marker-assisted selection, along with her enthusiasm, versatility, and willingness to learn will be a valuable addition to the Fox Seeds team”.

Cindy is a member of the National Association of Plant Breeders (NAPB) and a committee member for the Ontario Produce Marketing Association (OPMA) Young Professionals Network, which provides opportunities for people under 35 in the Ontario produce industry to learn, network and innovate together to improve the resiliency and sustainability of our food supply chain.

Cindy starts her new position with Fox Seeds on May 3rd, 2021.

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